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Talking Kitchen Scale Vivienne (english speech)

Talking Kitchen Scale Vivienne (english speech)

Article number: 402094

This very user-friendly high quality kitchen scale made by CareTec comes with a natural speech output. Due its measuredness it can also be used as letter- or dietscale.

Our talking kitchen scale Vivienne is characterized by following additional functions:
  • Add weights: Add different weights according to your needs.
  • Reference scale: Weigh your requested weight (for example 1 portion noodles) via a weighed reference value.
  • Fluid scale: Measure fluids like oil, water or milk in litre!
  • Counting function: Determine the quantity of your weight pieces (for example nails)
  • Clock: Time and date can be announced.
  • Egg timer: up to 59 Minutes, even seconds can be set

Technical Details

  • Weight specification: kg and g (specific units to choose)
  • Tara
  • Capacity: 5kg
  • Large keys
  • Repeating Key
  • Key lock
  • Announces time and date
  • Dimensions: 220 x 145 x 26 mm
  • Large Numerals: 250 mm
  • Volume control
  • Weight: 588 g
  • Color: vanilla
  • Power Supply: 4 1,5V AAA micro-batteries, mains adapter
  • Socket for earphones and mains adapter
  • Optional: earphones / mains adapter


Kitchen scale Vivienne, incl. batteries, printed manual and on CD
€ 102,00
On stock

On stock

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