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    Drain cleaner Pango - pipe cleaning without chemicals

    The original PANGO® pipe cleaner is probably the simplest and most environmentally friendly way to clean drains and remove blockages. Many have tried to copy our PANGO® but only the original has been awarded the blue environmental angel and makes the drain really free.
    The easy handling by means of the supplied adapter, allows the drains of bath u. Shower trays, sinks, kitchen sinks and the like in a short time to get free.

    The functional principle is extremely simple: By pumping up pressure in the PANGO® pipe cleaner, it is then released quickly and quickly using the extraction device. As a result, the existing water column in the tube is abruptly triggered and set in forward motion. Through this impulse even stubborn blockages are solved without chemicals and fixed immediately.

    The application with the PANGO® is recommended as a prevention once a year. Then there are no more blockages in the household.


    • 1 Pango pipe cleaner basic unit (compressed air tank, dimensions: 29 x 24 cm, diameter: 7 cm)
    • 1 adapter for drainage sieves 115 mm
    • 1 adapter for drainage sieve 105 mm
    • 1 eccentric adapter 50 mm
    • 1 eccentric adapter 58 mm
    • 1 toilet adapter 200 mm

    * All prices incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling fee