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    akwa cleaning cloth 26x20
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    100% of akwa wipes are made from a special wood cellulose composition and are able to reduce the surface tension of water by up to 40%. As a result, on the one hand, the user is enabled to carry out virtually all cleaning operations only with akwa and tap water. An addition of detergents and thus of surfactants is therefore no longer necessary. On the other hand, the akwa-cleaning wipes have such a high nature-identical self-cleaning power that even heavily soiled wipes by simply rinsing in the bucket or sink to clean themselves. A washing in the washing machine and the associated environmental impact is thus eliminated. Furthermore, the cloth is antibacterial and germicidal - and to contain or dispense without disinfectant. The bacterial count on surfaces and rinse water is reduced by about a factor of 10 with the akwa cloth. This means perfect hygiene when used in the kitchen and bathroom.

    Technical details

    • Gentle cleaning and germ reduction without the use of chemical cleaning agents
    • Self-cleaning of the special natural fiber only with tap water
    • No additional pollution of the waste water by detergents
    • Risk-free disposal


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