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    Milestone 112 ACE voice recorder
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    Milestone 112 Ace is our newest voice recorder with the simplest operation. The two obvious innovations to the predecessor Milestone 112 are:

    • Direct recording of notes also from the power-saving mode: You can always make a note, regardless of whether the M112 Ace is currently in power-saving mode or in operating mode. Just press the record button and after a (very) short time the beep will sound.


    • Optionally available: built-in clock: It fits seamlessly into the ease of use and can be easily queried and set. Just press a button and the precise clock in the Milestone 112 Ace will tell you the time.

    The other qualities have remained the same. The Milestone 112 Ace is outstanding in the hand. The pretty blue case of the Milestone 112 Ace is the size of a 14mm thick credit card. The device was designed with a great focus on simplicity and reliability, consciously avoiding complex, rarely needed functions. The result is a straightforward, high-quality voice recorder with tactile, large buttons. The most important functions can be operated with the thumb alone.

    Recordings are stored as MP3 files and can be transferred via USB connection to a computer if required and vice versa. The built-in speaker powerfully reproduces recorded notes. The use outside in ambient noise works perfectly. A headphone can also be connected. The built-in, rechargeable battery guarantees long battery life with a long service life. The watch is a paid option and can be ordered when ordering or subsequently for the M112 Ace. With the M112 Ace the technology of the M112 was completely renewed. The battery life has been improved by 50% and allows a continuous operation of more than 15 hours and a standby time of weeks.

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