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    Woodscan mobile barcode reader with Milestone 312
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    Please note: This product is only available in german!

    Woodscan is a powerful barcode reader for Milestone 312. It recognizes products by their barcodes and reads related product information. The powerful laser scanner enables you to quickly recognize the products, even those with small barcodes. The large reading area makes Woodscan the ideal aid for blind and limited users.

    From extensive, country-specific databases, Woodscan will provide you with product information, such as product name and quantity. In addition to information from a central database, you can add your own voice notes to existing or even unknown barcodes.

    The product information can be output either through the powerful Milestone 312 speaker or through headphones.

    Technical details

    • Powerful laser scanner with large reading range
    • Information output by powerful speaker or headphones
    • The number of articles has grown many millions of articles, and the trend is rising. For some millions of
    • articles, there is additional information in the form of a content traffic light and quotation.
    • The data is updated monthly. The customer can download his update himself via the Internet.
    • Add information about voice memos
    • Small size and light weight
    • Easy handling, just plug it in and go


    Scanner Woodscan, case, Milestone 312, power adapter, bag, USB cable, cuff loop, instructions in black text

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