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    Domory - domino and memory game
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    - Domino and memory game in a game
    EASY with 60 pieces
    EASY for 2 games
    EASY 2 matching shapes
    SIMPLY 2 same colors
    SIMPLY visually interesting
    SIMPLY tactile experience
    EASY for everyone


    At the beginning, any two stones are taken out of the grid and placed together with the sloping surface on the playing surface. The 1st player seeks a matching positive and negative stone from his stones and places it. Then he puts any of his stones on the free slope - so the next player has again two landing possibilities. If a player does not have a matching stone to use, he draws one out of the grid, but only places in the next round. If the player has no stones left, the game wins.


    All stones are in the grid with the colored shapes facing down. It can be played with all the stones or with fewer stones. At the beginning, the 1st player takes 2 stones out of the grid for all visible. If the forms, positive and negative match and the color matches, the player is allowed to take the pair. Then he is allowed to take 2 stones again, if the couple is not right, he puts the stones back in the same place. Everyone remembers the places of the colored forms. Then it is the next player's turn until there are no players left in the grid. When there is no stone left in the grid, the game is over. The player with the most couples has won the game.


    60 pieces for 2 - 4 persons, game box with grid crater, game instructions in black letters

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