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    Bradley Voyager Cobalt - Tactile watch cobalt with brown leather strap

    The Bradley Voyager tactile watch is the latest creation from eone and impresses with its simple and classic shape. The stainless steel / aluminum case has markings every hour, at 12 o'clock is a triangle, the remaining hours are marked with a dash.

    The time is indicated by two bullets, which are easy to feel for both the blind and the sighted. The inner ball indicates the minutes, the outer the hour. The balls are flexible and fall by gently shaking the hand back to the correct position and display the current time.

    The time is set with a pull-out knob as you are used to from conventional watches.

    The watch was named after ex-naval officer Bradley Snyder, who lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan and won Gold and Silver medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games the following year.


    Technical details

    • Material: stainless steel / aluminum
    • Dimensions: 40 mm diameter, 11.5 mm thickness
    • Splash-proof: The watch can withstand harsh, rainy weather, and splashes of water when washing hands are no problem. Before showering, bathing or swimming, however, you should remove the watch.
    • Bracelet made of brown Italian leather
    • Quartz clockwork

    Note: Please note that with a tactile watch - even if it is as modern as the Bradley watch - you can not read the time to the second and usually not to the minute


    • Bradley watch Voyager with brown leather strap
    • including button cell battery V371
    • Casket with case: The box is in black print, the removable plastic cover in Braille printed (American English, Braille shorthand)
    • Booklet on the origin of the clock in English language, combined in black text and Braille. Translation of the
    • text in German on slip in black print

    * All prices incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling fee