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    Illuminati by Dan Brown
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    Actually, Robert Langdon could lead a boring life. For the Harvard professor is a symbolologist with a penchant for Christian draftsmanship - one should not actually get caught up in deadly intrigues. However, Langdon is above all the hero of bestselling author Dan Brown, and he specializes in the impenetrable machinations of the church in the Vatican environment (and in a very special interpretation of Christian art in terms of complex conspiracy theories). In Illuminati, Langdon is involved in a highly explosive story, which seems to be closely linked to the Illuminati's secret scientific society from the Renaissance period, which is considered to be extinct.

    The pope has died. Now all the Cardinals have come to Rome to elect a new Vicar of God. But an insane fanatic kidnaps four of the promising candidates and kills them one by one in four churches with the help of the four elements earth, air, fire and water - not without burning a corresponding brand symbol of the Illuminati on their chest. Langdon is the only one who can stop the assassin, and together with the Camerlengo, the late Pope's valet, he is able to track down an antimatter bomb with tremendous explosive power, which should turn the Vatican into dust. Together with the daughter of a murdered physicist, Langdon sets out in search of signs of the Illuminati on the works of art in the urban space of Rome - until the finale, which comes as a surprise to everyone ...


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