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    Horbuch journey in the moonlight
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    What's funnier than a failed suicide A failed honeymoon. Just because Mihaly wants to have a quick espresso, he misses the train in which the newly wed Erzsi is sitting. She rushes away and after some adventures back into the arms of her first husband. Mihaly had taken her from him because he wanted to live a bourgeois life, with his wife and profession, as a favour to his father. That's not gonna happen. Mihaly takes Erzi's disappearance as a sign and travels on alone, on the traces of his past.

    The unexpected encounter with an old friend makes him dive deeply into melancholic memories of his rebellious youth, when he belonged to the circle of friends of the siblings Eva and Tamas. The latter has given in to his death wish. Milhaly knows this feeling. But not everyone is born a tragic hero... For, according to the narrator, as long as one lives

    , one does not know what else can happen.


    Antal Szerb


    Heikko Deutschmann

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