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    Horbuch Der Geldkomplex Meinen Glauber zu geeigneten

    Fleeing from her creditors and mediated by her doctor Dr. Baumann, a Freudian who is eager to analyze her and free her from her money complex, the narrator has taken refuge in a sanatorium, a magical mountain of a special kind, populated by a fantastic troop of impostors, bankrupts and profiteers, drunken Russian noblemen and kinky widows.

    There, in good company, she waits for her inheritance. She married a Baltic baron for appearance's sake, single he would not have been entitled to inherit. They want to share the coming money blessing. When he comes, she does something sensible for once. She takes the money into the bank. This one goes bankrupt a few days later and she has lost everything...


    Franziska Countess zu Reventlow


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