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    Otherland: "City of golden shadows"
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    The biggest radio play project in radio history!
    End of the 21st century: The richest and most powerful men and women have created a gigantic network. In this virtual world they want to fulfill the oldest dream of mankind: eternal life. At the same time, children all over the world fall into mysterious comas. Few people recognize a connection between the network and the condition of the children. A group of adventurers sets out to explore the mystery of Otherland, taking them into unimagined dangers.
    With a total of 250 actors and the music of Pierre Oser, Walter Adler has created the largest radio play production in radio history. His production lives through the voices of Sophie Rois, Ulrich Matthes, Nina Hoss, Sylvester Groth, Hans Peter Hallwachs, Ernst Jacobi, Judith Engel, Peter Matic and many others.


    Die Zeit: "William's dramaturgy is moved by a breathtaking interplay of real life and virtual realities. He juggles with the different genres, narrative, factually sound, stylistically adept: Fantasy, science fiction, adventure novel, fairy tales, myths, mystery, thriller. At the same time the author is a realistic, ruthless, visionary extrapolator of today's multimedia world to the conditions of the 21st century".
    The daily newspaper: "Lord of the radio plays!"
    Süddeutsche Zeitung: "One can only marvel that something like Otherland is even possible."


    Sophie Rois, Nina Hoss

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    334 minutes


    Tad Williams

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