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    Diabolus by Dan Brown
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    Susan Fletcher works as a cryptologist at the NSA (National Security Agency), the secret power centre of the American secret services. There, with a small team of specialists, it monitors a decoding program that is used to spy out and decode all data streams on the Internet from a supercomputer worldwide. One day she is called to the command center by her superior, Commander Strathmore. There she has to learn that the program has come across a code that could not be decrypted even after several hours.

    Together with Strathmore, Susan tries to eliminate all possible sources of error before the highest security level is triggered. The situation becomes critical as evidence grows that a former NSA employee, the brilliant cryptologist Ensei Tankado, has developed an ultimate code to expose the machinations of the American secret services and to point out their abuse of power.
    After Ensei Tankado dies under mysterious circumstances in Seville, Strathmore acts. He persuades Susan's friend David Becker to travel to Spain as an unsuspicious scout to examine the dead man's remains for possible clues to the secret code. But David isn't the only one who will be left with the legacy of the dead...


    Dan Brown


    Detlef Bierstedt


    445 minutes

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