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    Daisy-Horbuch Schmitz' cat
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    Dogs have masters, cats have staff!
    Some men live together with a woman, Ralf Schmitz with his cat. And that for 23 years!
    This marriage-like relationship naturally raises questions:

    • Is living with a cat really so different from living with a woman?
    • Who's kidding who all day?
    • What's the cat doing strangling in the closet?
    • How jealous is the cat and what is she doing in Ralf's bed at this very moment?

    Strange stories and many useful tips, infectiously funny!

    About the author

    Ralf Schmitz, known through the TV formats Die Dreisten Drei, Genial daneben and Schillerstraße, delighted millions of cinema-goers as Dwarf Sunny in the two Otto Waalkes films Seven Dwarfs. The multi-award-winning comedian dubbed films like The Little Polar Bear or Off through the Hedge, sang his way into the charts with Shaun the Sheep and is regularly on tour with his stage programmes.


    Ralf Schmitz


    Ralf Schmitz


    211 minutes

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