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    Daisy-Horbuch The amazing story of Max Tivoli
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    "Each of us is the love in the life of another", Max Tivoli begins the unheard-of story of his life, which differs from all others in one detail: As an old man he is born, as a child he leaves the earth again. The axis around which his life revolves is called Alice. Max has loved her all his life, but when she is young, he seems old. Only much later do the two's watches beat in time for a short time, and their love gets a second chance. Seldom has the tragedy and happiness of a missing love been staged so grippingly as here.

    About the author

    Andrew Sean Greer lives in San Francisco. Richard Ford awarded one of his stories with the Ploughshares's Cohen Award for Best Short Story in 1996.


    Jan Josef Liefers


    442 minutes

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