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    Blind detective Peter Lundt & the panting of the carp

    Peter Lundt's first case: "Eyes wanted" is the ad that is supposed to change Anna Schmidt's life: The student is only looking for a part-time job and ends up in the office of blind detective Peter Lundt. Peter Lundt is a tough ex-cop who lost his eyesight in the line of duty. Whining is not his thing: he's blind, so what? He can still go to the toilet alone, what more can you ask of life? He's seen 40 years, it'll have to do! In addition, a blind person is not taken for full; an invaluable advantage in undercover investigations. And if he does need eyes, he'll buy them!

    Peter Lundts territory is Hamburg and Northern Germany. His customers are all those who would shy away from the publicity of police investigations or who would not even be heard by the law enforcement agencies. His cases are spectacular, hopeless or ridiculous; but they are never average! The hard dog pursues its prey mercilessly until the bitter end.

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