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    Guitar Learning CD Country and Folk Topics CD
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    Learn the legendary folk picking and strumming technique.
    On the basis of 14 Country / Folk songs the famous Country-Fingerpicking method is presented in 4 different learning steps. Here, too, it is absolutely helpful to have already compiled the two basic course CDs.
    The individual learning levels are explained in detail and played slowly. Each of the individual accompaniment techniques can be applied to almost any song. The songs are again recorded with channel separation.
    You will also learn the so-called strumming technique. A simple but very effective method to accompany various songs from the Country / Folk area. Here individual bass notes within a rhythm accompaniment are highlighted.

    Also the barrel-grasp of the chords is discussed.
    Our training songs are well known. Learn with songs such as The Boxer - Here today, there tomorrow - Kumbaya - 500 Miles - Country Roads - Streets of London - Morning has broken - Hotel California and some more.


    78 minutes / 47 tracks

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