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    UltraCane + Folding Cane, 115 cm
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    UltraCane gives you the confidence to stride forward, knowing where the obstacles are ahead. A mobility aid that gives you enough informations about your surroundings to help you make decisions quickly and naturally!

    The ultrasound equipment and sensors are built in the handle of the cane. Two small buttons are connected to the two sensors and will show any obstacles by vibrations (which also differ to indicate the distance). The two sensors point in differnet ways, ensuring that obstacles right in your way are as well indicated as obstacles in your head and chest area (like the  rear view mirrors of a bus for example).

    UltraCane is extremely easy to handle and will only need a short training period.

    The folding cane itself is covered with reflective foil, withstands considerable use and folds into 4 pieces. Dimensions: 33 cm (when folded).

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