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    PEDAG Soft Flip
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    The soft gel pad for painless walking in flip-flops.

    In spring and summer you can see them on almost all women's feet: flip flops or other toe sandals. But after the long winter, the unusual friction of the bridge between the big and second toe often causes painful blisters. With pedag SOFT FLIP, this is over!

    pedag SOFT FLIP encloses the toe stump with soft gel to protect the sensitive skin between the toes. It is absolutely invisible. Additionally, pedag SOFT FLIP acts as a cushioning pad for the forefoot and prevents the burning of the ball of the foot. pedag SOFT FLIP ? for a relaxed walking even in flip-flops.


    If the adhesive power of pedag SOFT FLIP decreases, you don't have to replace it right away, because pedag SOFT FLIP is washable! Just rinse it under clear water and pedag SOFT FLIP will get clean and the adhesion is back.

    Scope of delivery

    1 pair of Soft Flip

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