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    Product information

    You want a notebook, an organizer and a PC in one, then the Gaudio book is just right for you. The Gaudiobook has a transverse keyboard.

    The Gaudio-BOOK is a full-fledged Braille display, more mobile than a Notebook, powerful like a Pc and all that in one device! Convince Yourself!
    The selected components and the operating system Windows10 allow fast, safe and trouble-free working with the familiar programs such as Office and other application programs and screen readers. An HDMI socket allows a screen to be connected, via USB you connect a mouse, so the Gaudio-BOOK is also suitable for Perfectly suited for the visually impaired.

    Hardware Specifications
    • 4GB RAM working memory
    • 64 GB flash memory
    • Memory expansion with Micro-SD by up to 32 GB
    • CPU Intel-M3
    • Lithium-ion battery up to 12 hours of mains operation
    • Mains input voltage 5 V/4A
    • Keyboard: QWERTY keyboard, 6 scroll keys, 40 cursor routing keys, 2 navigation joysticks
    • Braille display with 40 8-point characters
    • W-Lan
    • Bluetooth
    • 1 x USB 3, 1 x USB 2.
    • HDMI connection for monitor
    • 1 x Mini USB
    • Headphone connection 3.5 mm jack (stereo)
    • inbuilt microphone
    • Weight only approx. 1.5 kg

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    Gaudio-Book - Braille display and Notebook in one
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