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    Electronics can significantly improve the daily lives of the blind and visually impaired. With the help of talking or vibrating devices, the perception of restricted people can be extended many times over. For example, the distance to existing objects such as walls can be measured and transmitted to the visually impaired. But also the characteristics of the environment can be represented thanks to the technology for the blind and visually impaired. For example, with the Colorinio from Caretec - a color recognition device that recognizes a color and outputs it via voice output.

    But electronic everyday objects such as smartphones, speakers, headphones and remote controls are also easy to use thanks to the voice output for the blind and visually impaired. Such as, for example, the new mobile phones from Blindshell and Kapsys, which use voice control and speech recognition to make these devices accessible to the blind and visually impaired. The mobile phone Kapsys SmartVision 2 also offers features such as FM radio, calendar dictation, alarm, calculator, notes, color detection, light detection and much more.

    These devices can be charged, for example, with the PowerMax from Caretec. The Power Max is a smart, talking charger that can make the most of battery life. With its USB output, it can also be used to charge tablets, MP3 players and similar devices. To test the battery charge, there is the Wooffy. The Wooffy announces the measurement result via acoustic signals. Wooffy T. shows you the battery level both acoustically and tactually, ie via vibrations, making it ideal for deafblind users. All commercially available 1.5V and 9V block batteries and rechargeable batteries can be tested.

    To facilitate the handling and operation of TV sets, video equipment, audio equipment and stereos, there are the remote controls from SeKi. The SeKi Slim is probably the most compact, adaptive universal remote control you have ever met. It is available in 11 different colors and with the old remote control adaptable to any device that you can operate with an infrared remote control. With SeKi Medium, all keys can be assigned twice. Only by selecting the respective level A and B, it is determined for which device the remote control is currently sending corresponding commands.

    For musical entertainment, high-quality radios are also available. Sangean is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality radios and audio products. The range of services includes DAB / DAB +, Internet, outdoor and clock radios, world receivers and CD sound systems. The Noxon dRadio 1 is a digital radio that can be converted, via a USB stick, to a radio with voice output.

    You are looking for high-quality dictation machines? Then you will definitely find something here. The DM series from Olympus impresses with high-quality technology, simple voice-controlled menus and many additional functions. They are fully usable for the visually impaired and blind already ex-factory, have an integrated 4 or 8 gigabyte memory, which can be expanded by SD card.

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