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    ULTRASONE develops and manufactures headphones for all senses - the unification of sound, form and materials is created by hand in the Bavarian manufactory. The secret of success? The unique, natural surround sound 'for music lovers and professional users. Spend your favorite music more spatially than ever before - the ultimate high-end listening experience for your ear.

    ULTRASONE from Wielenbach, Bavaria has been developing and producing headphones for more than 25 years. Here on the estate smoker mountain, in the idyll of a gigantic alpine panorama, one has a great passion for the completely private listening experience. Perhaps it is the tranquility of the picturesque landscape that fosters creativity, perhaps it is the passion to create unique products, perhaps it is the desire to inspire hi-fi enthusiasts and professional users time and time again - maybe it is all together.

    One thing is certain: The company has successfully registered more than 60 patents so far and is constantly researching to provide the human ear with the luxury it deserves. The company not only sets the highest standards in terms of sound, but also in terms of form and materials. Music lovers, gamers, DJs, musicians, sound engineers, composers u.v.m. swear by the 'natural surround sound' from Bavaria.

    ULTRASONE stands for a natural reproduction that reflects the photograph as it was conceived by the artist. Thus, the various hi-fi headphones are comparable to high-quality loudspeakers, which turn music into a unique private concert experience through remarkable dynamics and playfulness. The sound maxim of depicting the music as naturally as possible has led to a unique, patented development: S-Logic®.

    The patented S-Logic® technology is the technical heart of the ULTRASONE headphones. In contrast to other headphones, ULTRASONE's transducers are not aimed directly at the ear canal, but use the natural reflections of the inner ear through their decentralized arrangement. This not only creates a larger stage, the music gains more spatiality and dimensionality. Also the depth graduation, the arrangement of the different instruments of a piece of music, gains in contour. A pleasant side effect is that this type of sound conduct protects the ear: with the same volume impression, 3-4 dB less sound pressure is needed.

    With S-Logic® Plus, ULTRASONE has refined its unique technology over the years with numerous tests and in a new process even more intense. At the presentation of the high-end model Edition 5, the Bavarian developers achieved a new milestone in technology: S-LogicEX® was introduced. A funnel-shaped transducer arrangement allows in this patent an even greater distance to the ear and thus a higher spatiality. In addition, ULTRASONE MU Metal Shielding headphones offer a unique way to reduce electrosmog: MU metal shielding reduces magnetic radiation by up to 98 percent compared to traditional headphones.

    Handsome hands are the secret of the ULTRASONE factory: they use the high-quality materials such as precious woods, genuine leather and durable metals to create a unique composition for the very personal music experience with rhythmic beats. The natural materials make each model unique. After all, it is important to integrate the sophisticated sound transducers as the heart of every headphone, be it on-ear, over-ear or in-ear headphones. In the last step, the headphones undergo extensive testing. Only when he passes this, he gets an individual serial number, he is released for sale.

    From home theater via gaming to studio and mobile use. Because matching headphones are available for every taste and for every occasion. Whether with cable or wireless, for high-res player or iPad: ULTRASONE will entice your ears into a musical experience of a special kind.

    Every day, the ULTRASONE manufactory leaves headphones for all men's countries - because excellent sound is in demand all over the world. In Asia, in North America, in this country - many people enjoy their music daily from a hi-fi headphone, which originated in Bavaria. These include many well-known studios, musicians, music producers, sound engineers, composers and DJs: the well-known ULTRASONE fans include Axl Rose and Keith Harris. DJ Gray uses them at his concerts, as does Jam El Mar, who does not want to miss them in the studio.

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