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    The phone Geemarc BDP 400 for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired with very large buttons. Each menu function, each number key is communicated to you by clear speech output. Callers whose numbers have been stored in the telephone book are announced by name using the voice output.

    All function keys are good and ergonomically usable due to their size. For better distinction, you have different shapes. In addition, there are 3 shortcut keys, which were additionally provided with tactile markings!

    The extra large display of the Geemarc BDP 400 allows visually impaired people to visually check the dialed numbers again! The volume of the handset, a control of the high and low tones and the setting of the ringtone also allows customers with reduced hearing to properly call. In addition to the ringtone, a flash of light can be activated!

    The Vocally 3 Infinity voice-operated dialer / phonebook transforms your landline phone into a voice-activated phone. This innovative product already supports tens of thousands of elderly, partially sighted or visually impaired people on the phone. Vocally is quick and easy to install and train with your voice. After that you only need to tell who you want to call. You do not have to press any keys anymore.

    The Infinity gives you the freedom to call numbers digit by digit. This will allow you to dial any number, even if it has not been previously saved.

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    Big Button Phone Geemarc BDP 400 with voice output
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