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    Product information

    The CareTec Tape-King is a unique high-quality roll tape that can measure up to 5 meters / 16,40 feet in metric and Anglo-American units. The Tape King has an extra large LCD display and an excellent natural voice output. It is the only device of its kind on the market, equipped with a spirit level and an inclinometer.

    The Tape-King has an integrated spirit level and an inclinometer. It measures in metric / Anglo-American units. The measurement results can be accumulated and stored permanently. The last 10 measurements are automatically saved as long as the Tape-King is in use.

    For deafblind, a version with vibrations is also available. The length of the measuring tape is 5 meters. The Tape-King has an orange case with black buttons.

    CareTec is an austrian company (located in Vienna) that develops high quality electronic devices for the blind and visually impaired. Several of their developments have already been awarded high prizes (Mercur 1990, 1993, 1994, 1999, 2002 and 2004,
    Winston Gordon Award 1993, Louis Braille Prize 1996, Ingenius 1996, Szansa 1999).

    CareTec's focus is on demanding high-tech products for everyday life, education and training, work and leisure. An increasing number of these are of a medical nature.

    Name Price Quantity
    Tactile Tape Measure, 150 cm
    Article ID611002
    29,90 €
    per piece
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    In stock
    Tape King (German)
    Article ID164950
    349,00 €
    per piece
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    In stock

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