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    Product information

    In the assortment are 2 different game collections of the company Azabat. These two game collections are also available in a double pack.

    The game collections include the games:
    • Yahtzee Kniffel): This is an exciting dice poker! Throw with 5 dice and enter your result in the appropriate category! After 13 rounds will be settled!
    • Blackjack: Play classic casino blackjack, also known as "17 and 4"!
    • Klondike (Solitaire): Klondike is the most popular version of the card game Solitaire. The goal is to discard all cards on the corresponding stack belonging to each color!
    • 4 Win: Play the familiar strategy game against the computer and make a series of 4 pieces of your color!
    • Sudoku: the popular number puzzle finally makes us smoke our heads! You can either solve given sudoku puzzles or invent your own. Thanks to an integrated help function, you can always get tips when puzzle-solving.
    • Sinking ships: According to the well-known role model, it is here to sink the enemy fleets - either those of another game partner or the computer. But watch out for your own fleet!
    • UXB: Based on the well-known game "Minesweeper", this game is about finding those fields where mines are hidden. But beware: one wrong step, and everything goes up!
    • Memory: Measure your memory with another player or with the computer as an opponent. Get more than half of all couples and you win!

    Name Price Quantity
    Game collection 1 Azabat
    Article ID360092
    74,00 €
    per piece
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    Not in stock
    Game collection 2 Azabat
    Article ID360093
    74,00 €
    per piece
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    Not in stock
    Game collection 1 & 2 Azabat
    Article ID360094
    128,80 €
    per piece
    incl. 19,00 % VAT
    Not in stock

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